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Who we are


An international non-profit organization registered in Belgium, the European Union seeks to help newcomers, to integrate them into Belgian society, to introduce and to respect other cultures in Belgium to obtain diversity culture of which all those who live on Belgian soil are proud.

Our services

We offer you a set of services


Integration course

ETIO offers you comprehensive training in this area that will help you start a new life within Belgian society.


Language teaching: NL-FR-EN-AR

Do you find it difficult to learn Belgian national languages in Brussels schools? ETIO Will help you learn the language you want in a way short and unorthodox, according to a special simple and fun program. Do you need to learn the working language of your profession? Experienced ETIO teachers will help you with this. Do you need intensive courses in the language of your choice? Be sure that you will learn each language level in a short time. time.


Job interview training

Know the rules of job interviews and practice them.


Learn computer programs

ACDL education and training on computer programs basic : Word - Excel - PowerPoint - Photoshop


Technical drawing

Do you find yourself wanting to be a designer? ETIO It gives you the opportunity to take the technical drawing course AUTOCAD-INVENTOR for a period not exceeding two months from level 0 to mastery, in your native language and language national you want


IT courses

Do you have the ambition to become an expert in professional networking? ETIO Offers a full course for all levels is offered, in collaboration with Microsoft - Cisco ... through professors experienced


The equivalence of foreign certificates

You have a foreign certificate and don't know how to modify it Belgium ? Our competent office will contact you and help you change your testimony and follow procedures with the modification office of foreign certification


Center for Psychological Support and Spiritual Care

Do you suffer from psychological problems? We have experienced specialists to help you overcome these problems. Do you want to become a psychologist in our organization? We have courses in psychological support and spiritual care which qualify you to be one of the specialists in this field


Translation service

You are a newcomer and you do not speak one of the languages Belgian national? Do you need an interpreter at the hospital - the municipality - the - tax office - CPAS - etc…? The ETIO translation team will help you for a small fee


Housing services

Do you find it difficult to find suitable accommodation for you and your family in Belgium? Our team of volunteers will provide assistance in finding a suitable accommodation, communication with the owners of accommodation and a translation also by phone and you will accompany when signing the contract


Bureau de conseil juridique

Vous rencontrez des problèmes ou des difficultés de logement - la commune - l'étude - etc… ? ETIO Vous fournissez gratuitement des services juridiques par le biais d'avocats spécialisés, tout en fournissant également un service de traduction.


Legal advice office

You have housing problems or difficulties - the common - study - etc…? ETIO You provide free legal services through specialized lawyers, while also providing a translation


Looking for a job

Do you have a good experience in your previous field and need a training opportunity (Internship)? ETIO It will help you find a training opportunity and possibly direct work in cooperation with our partners and specialized institutions. We take over this task until you get a job opportunity that corresponds to your specialty


Type B driving course

Do you have difficulty passing the driving theory test? B? ETIO It offers a short course of no more than 8 days in the mother tongue then in one of the national languages FR-NL You just need to have taken a language course and leave the rest to us. The result is almost guaranteed


Create a CV

Learn and practice creating a professional CV.



Do you have professional experience in your field of - previous work and do you need a certified experience certificate in Belgium Opleiding-Formation? Do you want to learn a new career that is right for you? ETIO The following professional configurations offer you: -Black-smith -Carpentry -Industrial electricity -Electric buildings -Electricity car -General mechanic -Mechanic cars -Cleaning -Geometric designer -Network engineering technician -Social worker

Contact us

Avenue stalingrad 52 1000 Brussels
Phone: 0032466038890
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